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Rochester Baby Photographer | Violet’s First Year

Rochester Baby Photographer | Violet’s First Year So for a baby photographer to say “dream baby” it really does mean dream baby. Violet was one of them back when we did her newborn photos. She was my record breaking newborn at 2.5 hours. Easier newborn to pose and to work with. We all love these…

Rochester Newborn Photographer | Zion

Rochester Newborn Photographer | Zion Hey World, Meet Zion! This little angel with the most adorable little lips did beyond amazing on his newborn photoshoot. He was so little and so so so sleepy. I think he probably was my second or third baby that has slept his entire photo session without waking up once…

Newborn Rochester NY – Makayla

Newborn Photography Rochester NY I gotta say, i feel so loved when I have beautiful clients/friends that allow me the honor to photograph their family and their sweet additions like this beautiful little girl Makayla 6 days fresh every year. She was beautiful and slept the whole time allowing me to do these gorgeous images….